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ID Theftsmart

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Justice, 8.6 million American households - one out of every 13   - could be victimized by identity theft this year. In other words, someone you know – your neighbor, your friend, a relative, a co-worker – is likely to fall prey this year. Maybe even you.

You can gamble with the odds or you can reduce your risk today – with ID TheftSmart.

First things first –

What is identity theft?

It’s when someone steals pieces of your identity –

Such as your Social Security number, credit and debit card numbers, or financial information – to take your money or obtain false credit in your name. The goal: to buy merchandise or get cash and charge it to you.

What happens if you become a victim?

Identify theft can turn your life upside down. Not only can you lose money and good credit, you can spend weeks, months or even years trying to rectify the problems. And that’s only if you know what to do and who to contact. Most people don’t.

The crime also takes an emotional toll on you and your family. Severe feeling of loss, helplessness, anger, isolation, betrayal, and even embarrassment are common. Simply answering the telephone or going to the mailbox fills you with the dread of hearing from another collection agency, discovering another fraudulently obtained credit card, or facing yet another problem.

The Good news – with ID TheftSmart, you can breathe easy.

If your identity is ever stolen, ID TheftSmart professionals spring into action. You don’t have to do a thing because we step in as your advocate, fully committed to restoring your identity to pre-theft status as quickly and efficiently as possible. And with thousands of hours of experience – more than any other company in industry – ID Theft Smart investigators get results.

Your 3-Stage Line of Defense


You get direct access to an ID TheftSmart professional who will:

  • Help you guard your personal identifying information
  • Give you safety tips for shopping online or using social media
  • Explain your rights under federal and state laws
  • Answer any questions you have about protecting your identity — from the best virus software for your new computer to protecting your mail, and more


If ID TheftSmart discovers that your information may have been compromised, ID TheftSmart professionals will:

  • Provide an action plan
  • Help you interpret and analyze your credit report
  • Set up a credit report freeze and fraud alerts on your behalf
  • Assist when suspicious issues arise beyond the initial findings


If your identity is stolen, licensed ID TheftSmart investigators will:

  • Confirm the crime and determine its nature and scope
  • Help you obtain a police report
  • Provide a tri-merged credit report and perform full non-credit searches
  • Work on your behalf until ALL identity theft issues have been verifiably resolved
  • Place seven-year fraud victim statements with credit reporting agencies, when applicable


Don’t risk another day without protection.

Stop in any of our Illini Bank locations or call  to enroll 1-888-455-4641!

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